Portrait of Oskar Kokoschka

19 01 2011

Portrait of Oskar Kokoschka, Oil on Canvas 14x11", © Copyright 2011 Alan Derwin




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22 02 2011

Love that portrait of Kokoschka, great work!

8 04 2011

I would like to ask if anyone knows anything about this painting (especially date and where it is exhibited now, and also where can I find these information).
I am an MA student of History of Art, and I am writting an essay on Kokoschka’s work, and I am really interested in this self-portrait.

8 04 2011

Hello, thank you for your comments. Kokoschka will be a great subject for your essay.
> I am the artist who painted this Portrait of Oskar Kokoschka. It was completed in January 2011.
> It is currently on exhibit at the Falkirk Cultural Center in San Rafael, California, through May 28, 2011.
If I can help you further, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to be of assistance.
Thank you again.
Alan Derwin

9 04 2011

This is a great work! I was just wondering if this portrait is made after a specific self-portrait of Kokoschka…

9 04 2011

Thanks. My painting of Kokoschka wasn’t based on any Kokoschka self portraits. Basically what I did was study Kokoschka as a person, got an overall sense of his life, experiences and work, which then gave me a better sense of how to go about painting the portrait. For visual images, I worked from some black and white photos as a starting point, then applied my own personal interpretation, imagination, technique, and colors.
I really think Kokoschka is great and his life is very interesting, so it made this particular painting a very gratifying one to do.
Thank you again for your nice comments.

10 04 2011

It is very interesting how you succeeded to depict Kokoschka’s life in a portrait; I was wondering whether you had in mind the fact that he suffered from shell-shock (as a result of his experiences in World War I) while you were working on this portrait, as it seems to me that you managed to give the impression of a mentally restless man through the choice of the colours, and the hectic brushstrokes!

11 04 2011

Kokoschka’s WWI injuries were definitely taken in to account as I prepared to do the painting. It was sort of like studying for an acting role, like an actor preparing to “get in to character”. I looked at Kokoschka’s life, his work, my impression of his personality. Once I started the painting process I didn’t think about anything. I just let my imagination and instincts take over so that the process would occur naturally, applying colors and brushstrokes depending on how I felt at that particular moment.

25 09 2011
Charles Phlip Brooks

Compliments on this work! I am also a fan of K’s work and deeply interested in art history. It’s good to see other painters remarking on his work. –

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